It has been a few years since my kids were in school and many, many years since I was in school, but it still feel the excitement when schools are canceled because of the snow.  I decided to paint out in the barn yesterday because we were a bit snowed in, and it was coming down pretty hard. Everyone was laying down chewing their cuds. Perfect!  I pulled over a bale of hay and set up. It all felt quite cozy- beautiful light, peaceful cows and sheep. Turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  As soon as I was set up, they all  came over to check things out and to give a chew on my board.  We are all best friends after all.  I settled on the sheep as he and the ladies milled about. Moving target, cats on the palette, dog tipped the solvent…not quite as peaceful as I had envisioned, but still managed a little sketch..